Mangere West Development Progress Update Spring 2019

Spring 2019

The Mangere West Progress Update is out now! Download your copy today to read about the brand new homes on Ventura Street - the first to be completed as part of the development. Plus, stay up to speed on the development progress over on page three where you'll find a progress update, map and development timeline.

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June 2019 Neighbours Day 2

More than building just houses

See how we are putting communities at the centre of our developments.

Mangere Progress Update Newsletter Winter Screen

Mangere Development Progress Update Winter 2019

The winter edition of the Mangere Development Newsletter is available now. Read the Mangere Developm...

Tui Lounge

Tui Lounge now open

The Tui Lounge is a meeting and event space, and it’s now open for local community groups to enjoy.