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Warm, dry homes for Mangere

The Mangere Development includes a range of housing types and sizes to cater for the variety of families that make up the Mangere community. There will be a mix of standalone homes, terraced homes, and duplex units, ranging from one to five bedrooms. Providing a variety of housing types gives Aucklanders a better chance of finding the right home for their age and stage of life, in the price bracket they can afford.

Our new homes being built in Mangere will are warmer and drier and more energy efficient than ever. 

These measures include:

  • insulation and double glazing above the Building Code – makes homes warm and less expensive to heat
  • houses and apartments designed to take advantage of the sun to create living spaces that are warm and light wherever possible
  • energy efficient lights
  • water efficient showers, toilets and tap

As you will see from the houses that have been completed so far, they are well-designed and visually appealing, helping to improve the appearance of existing neighbourhoods while making better use of the limited land available in Auckland.


Apartments provide low maintenance living for small households. Research has shown that smaller, low-rise apartment buildings like the ones being designed for Mangere can facilitate a sense of community. Some of the apartments will be ‘walk-ups’, i.e. on level two or three of an apartment building and you walk up some stairs to reach them.


Terraced homes are joined with their neighbour on one or both sides to form a row. They are popular because they use land more efficiently and so are more affordable than standalone homes.


Standalone homes are detached from their neighbours. These types of homes don’t use land as efficiently as apartments or terraced housing so there will be less of them built in the Mangere Development neighbourhoods.