New, warm, dry homes for Māngere

Early planning work is underway for the Māngere Development which will bring new warm, healthy homes to neighbourhoods throughout Māngere. We will also be improving some of the streets and parks in the neighbourhoods we’re working in. The whole development will take 10-15 years and will see an estimated 2,700 Housing New Zealand state homes replaced with up to 10,000 homes. By using the land more efficiently than we did back in the 1950s and 60s when the original homes were built, we will be able to increase the number of state homes available and also build much-needed new homes for the Auckland housing market. Homes in more affordable price ranges will also be a priority within the Māngere Development.

We're investing in Māngere

STATE HOUSING Up to 3,000 new homes owned by Housing New Zealand and rented to people who need housing assistance. AFFORDABLE HOMES Up to 3,500 new homes to be sold to people who meet criteria. MARKET HOMES Up to 3,500 new homes to be sold on the general market.

We’re underway in Stage One

It’s early days for the Māngere Development and the work will happen in separate stages over a number of years. We are underway now with Stage 1a which involves removing 35 existing 1960s-built state houses on Bader Drive, McKenzie Road and Cessna Place and replacing them with 66 new state houses and around 100 affordable and market homes.

How will the community benefit?

The Māngere Development will bring several benefits to the community. There will be a greater choice of high quality housing available. High quality homes are healthy homes. The streets, parks and public open space near the new housing will be upgraded. New homes will bring new people to the area to invest in and contribute to the community. This is good for local businesses and schools. The development will create jobs for local people and pathways to home ownership.

Older Housing New Zealand homes in Māngere will be replaced with warm, dry, modern homes.
What happens to Housing New Zealand tenants?

We’re building more Housing New Zealand homes than we are taking away. If you are a Housing New Zealand tenant in Mangere you may need to move to different accommodation. Should redevelopments require you to relocate, Housing New Zealand will be in touch from the very early stages of planning and will work closely with you to support you into an alternative home, taking into account community links and schooling. If Housing New Zealand has not spoken to you personally, you are not impacted by the current development at this stage. Should you be impacted in the future your Tenant Liaison Officer will meet with you face to face at the earliest possible time. We will be updating the website as the project progresses but in the meantime, to get in touch with the team call 0800 801 601.

What will the homes be like?

There will be house types for all kinds of families. They will range from one-bedroom to five-bedroom family homes. Tallwood is building one-bedroom to four-bedroom family homes in Stage 1a for Housing New Zealand.

Why has the area been chosen?

Māngere is one of several suburbs across Auckland that have similar projects underway or planned. It has been chosen because it has good transport links and community facilities and because the state houses in the area need renewing.

Māngere’s residents have easy access to several major employment centres, including Māngere Centre, Auckland Airport in the south, Otahuhu in the east and Manukau Centre in the south-east. There are two universities nearby – MIT in Manukau Centre and the AUT South Campus in Otara. 

More homes. Great neighbourhoods.

The Māngere Development is part of the Auckland Housing Programme, a government initiative to help Auckland develop as a vibrant city by delivering more quality homes more quickly. Read more.

Who is doing the work?

HLC is managing the building of the houses and some of the new amenities, like streets and parks. HLC are owned by Housing New Zealand Corporation. The company was formed 12 years ago to oversee the development of Hobsonville Point in Auckland’s northwest. You’ll see a number of building companies in the Māngere area when the development gets underway. HLC will be working with transport agencies, education providers and the community to get the best outcomes for Māngere.

Homes at Hobsonville Point