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Has all that time spent at home these last couple of years got you thinking about finding a new place you’ll love? Then you’ll want to check out the beautiful new, high quality homes coming to Mangere Development. These are homes that are made to be loveable - designed to make the most of space and light, and built from timeless, quality materials. They’re homes you’ll love living in for a very long time to come.

Warm, comfortable and cheaper to run

If you’ve only ever lived in an older home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by life in a new home in Mangere Development. All houses here are built to the demanding ‘6 Homestar’ standard, which ensures they’re warm, dry and cost you less to live in. For example, homes are oriented to the sun, insulated to a level above the building code, and have double glazing throughout. They also include a range of other efficiency features, resulting in big savings on electricity and water.

Designed for households of all stages and sizes

There’s a wide range of types of homes coming to Mangere, including walkup apartments, duplexes and terraced housing, ranging from one- to four-bedrooms. But no matter their type or size, they’re all architecturally designed with open plan living, clever use of space, and an easy flow to outdoor areas. Whatever your life stage or household size, you’re bound to find a home you’ll love in Mangere.

Why locals love Mangere

Mangere is a community with a lot of heart. It’s a place where people feel a deep sense of belonging, and where you’re likely to receive warm smiles and greetings on the street. Mangere is home to great schools, parks and playgrounds, recently improved cycleways and walkways, a thriving arts scene, and Te Pane-o-Mataoho (Mangere Mountain), which is undergoing major restoration. As the locals will tell you, if you love Mangere, Mangere will love you right back.

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