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Mangere West embraces its new name – Te Ararata

17 Aug 2023

The stream that flows through Mangere is the inspiration behind the new name of the Development project formally known as Mangere West. It was gifted to us by local Iwi, Te Ākitai Waiohua. The name reflects the history of Te Ara Rata, meaning “The preferred route”, which was a place for waka travelling along the southern side of the Mangere inlet. Some sailing trips along this waterway were food explorations. They included seasonal harvesting of the much-prized tuna (short-finned eel) and inanga (whitebait), and this creek was one of the few places where you could catch both. Kāinga Ora Development Manager, Kamelia Haydon says “The new name is significant, as it recognises the cultural values we would like to embed in the development.”

The name change helps define the area of development and also honours our commitment to work in partnership with mana whenua. “This taonga is symbolic of the outcomes we would like to achieve in the neighbourhood. We will work with the community, mana whenua, The Stream Team and Auckland Council to improve the water health of Te Ararata stream and minimise the flood risk it poses to homes.” Haydon says. The Mangere development programme, rolling out over the next 10-15 years, includes about 10,000 new houses, renovated neighbourhoods and upgraded amenities and infrastructure. Even though the Mangere West development has a new project name, the vision to provide more and better housing has not changed. We will continue to build warm dry homes so that more whānau can live well and call the vibrant community of Mangere home.