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New temporary one-way traffic system will improve safety and keep locals moving in Aorere

12 Aug 2022
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Development in Aorere has been underway since 2020 with the goal of delivering more warm, dry homes. Over the next few years, Kāinga Ora will be replacing around 130 state homes in Aorere with around 470 new state, affordable and market homes. We will also be replacing a huge amount of valuable infrastructure. 

With so much construction going on, managing the traffic flow has required a lot of careful planning. A new temporary Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will be put in place on Winthrop Way from 22 August 2022, to allow all cars to navigate through the area safely. This plan will help locals move safely through the neighbourhood as we continue our work in the least disruptive way possible. The temporary Traffic Management Plan will remain in place until early 2023. 

More about the work we are doing 
The work we are doing in Winthrop Way will replace and upgrade existing infrastructure. This means we will be digging trenches to replace old pipes so we can improve stormwater, and utilities. Once this is done we will be improving berms and footpaths.

Thank you for your support as we complete this important work, which will help ensure Aorere remains a great place to live now, and into the future.

Check out the frequently asked questions below. If you need further information, please pop into the Mangere Development Information Centre at 12 Waddon Place from Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm. Or, get in touch with Piritahi on 0508 PIRITAHI or aorere@piritahi.nz.


How will the new temporary one-way system work? 
Traffic will only be able to move in one direction, as follows:

  • From 22nd to 28th August, traffic can move from Raglan Street towards Henwood Road 
  • From 29th August for about six months, traffic can move from Henwood Road towards Raglan Street

There will be signage throughout the area. Download the map here

Where will the work take place? 
Work is taking place between 10 and 28 Winthrop Way. The one-way system will apply to all of Winthrop Way.  

How long will the system be in place? 
The one-way system will be in place from Monday, 22nd August 2022 for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for about six months (i.e.until early 2023).

Why are we only hearing about this now? 

Kāinga Ora and Piritahi try to make sure the community are informed about works that will impact them. As you may already know, the construction sector is under pressure for contractors at the moment. Unfortunately, this has been worsened by winter sickness. The contractor has been able to commit at short notice to starting the work in Aorere. Initially this was scheduled to begin 15 August, but we have requested a delay so we can properly notify those affected. 

What time will works take place? 
Between Monday and Friday, we will be working from 7:30am-5pm. We will work on Saturdays between 7:30am-4pm only when required for critical work. 

Rubbish Bins 
From 22 August, please place rubbish bins on the berm of the lane that is open to traffic. This will ensure collection while the one-way system is in place.  

Who is doing the work? 
Piritahi, a Kāinga Ora Alliance partner, has been working in Aorere since 2020 to deliver infrastructure upgrades so more homes can be built. 

Why are we doing it? 
A one-way system enables one lane to stay free, so traffic can move more freely around the neighbourhood. 

What about on-street parking? 
This temporary arrangement will ensure that there is on-street parking available in the closed lane, outside of the construction zones. These arrangements may change from time to time while we are working in the area.  

Will I be able to reach my home by car? 
If you live in the area, it may take a few minutes longer than usual to reach your home by car. If your vehicle access will be impacted by our work, we will work with you beforehand to ensure your needs are met. 

Will I still be able to walk around the area? 
Pedestrian access will not be affected - this means access to all houses and apartments will be maintained throughout the duration of construction work. Pedestrians will still be able to walk through and around the area.