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Roland’s tips for keeping home life fun!

17 Apr 2020
Mangere EDM Roland 1

Hi everyone, here are a few of the things we’ve been getting up to at home to stay connected and active as a family.

Family dance exercise!
We have been putting time aside each day to exercise as a family. Weather permitting, we are outside doing high intensity interval circuits and going for walks. On windy or rainy days like the ones we’ve been having lately, we learn a dance fitness routine! Our latest dance fitness routine can be found here. It gets the kids to shake off any of their inhibitions or ‘too coolness’ (we have a 12 year old) and just have fun together while staying healthy.

Lego creativity
The boys have enjoyed creating Lego characters and developing a backstory for them, such as where they are from, what their powers are, and how they beat their opponents. It’s been great to see how creative (and competitive) they can be.

Fruit picking
One of the boys’ jobs has been to pick the fruit from our trees. We’ve been enjoying lots of feijoas and mandarins and looking up ways to use the feijoas in our baking. 

Bake cookies
You can view our family’s favourite cookie recipe here. The kids love this cookie dough! It makes super soft, chewy cookies and we usually double the recipe and make cookie cakes. Great comfort snack.

Cheers and stay safe, Roland