Springing back - community gets behind Tararata Creek’s regeneration

25 Jun 2021
Click the image to watch a video of Tararata Creek

Over the last 20 years, the habitat in the Tararata Creek in Mangere has improved so much even the rare giant kokopo have moved back in.

Several groups have been working hard on regenerating the creek’s environment, with the discovery in 2019 of the diminished whitebait species and other fish life a particular milestone in its ecological journey. Recently logs and lunkers were installed in the creek to create pools and cover for the fish to grow in number and thrive after they were discovered aggregated around three submerged shopping trolleys.

When work first began at the creek, the focus was on stabilising its collapsing banks with a planting programme along its edges. With the banks now stable, a number of organisations, including the Tararata Stream Team, continue to work tirelessly in the area.

Since 2017, the Stream Team has led the Government-funded Curious Minds programme at the creek, aimed at fostering an understanding of science through a variety of practical activities. Activities have included water monitoring, bush regeneration and measuring tree growth.

Other organisations involved in the area have also been working together to support continued ecological improvements in the creek, including Kāinga ora, Mangere Development, Auckland Council, and building and construction companies Piritahi, Candor3 and Kerry Dines Ltd.

The good work continues with the creek’s health and long-term survival of wildlife dependant on many helping to protect it.

Everyone is welcome to come along and volunteer at an upcoming planting day tomorrow Saturday 26th June . During the day, 30 canopy trees and several sedges will be planted, and litter removed.

Check out the Tararata Stream Team Facebook page for details.