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The Mangere Development. A great place to live.

07 Jul 2020
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The last big wave of state housing development in New Zealand was during the 1950s and 60s. The homes are now 50-60 years old and many are past their best, and less able to provide a healthy place to live.

Over the past 10 years a decision was made to replace a large percentage of the ageing Kāinga Ora State Homes (previously Housing New Zealand) with warm, dry modern homes and increase the number of state homes available.

At the same time bold steps were made toward alleviating Auckland’s housing shortage by building homes to sell on the open market. The initiative is called The Auckland Housing Programme (AHP) and the Kāinga Ora Urban Development team (previously HLC) is in charge of overseeing these projects, including the Mangere Development.

This has all been made possible by the changes to Auckland’s Unitary Plan, which has had wide consultation.

A place to build

Nobody wants to see our treasured bush and coastal areas turned into suburbs, but building at the edges of the city creates urban sprawl – and Auckland is sprawling enough. It made sense to build where there is existing infrastructure (drains, public transport, parks), keeping land around the outskirts of our city for industry and growing food. That’s why development programmes are underway in Auckland suburbs like Mt Roskill, Tāmaki and now Mangere.

The development process

In every neighbourhood land is being retained for state housing and some sold to builders for market housing. Homes will range in size from one bedroom to five, matching different households’ needs.

The development process begins with the Kāinga Ora Urban Development team talking with the community, including mana whenua, schools, business owners and the local board. The Tenancy Liaison team then notifies tenants and begins the process of rehousing them.

Once the old homes are empty, they are removed, the land is remediated, the streets and infrastructure upgraded where required and new homes built. Tenants living in state houses who are relocated during the building process have the choice to return to the same area.

We are delivering good quality homes that are warmer, drier and more energy efficient than ever. 

Planning for a better life

Good urban design has a positive effect on people’s lives. The Kāinga Ora Urban Development team carefully plans the Mangere Development: where the new houses will go, how the homes relate to the landscape and the way the houses, streets, infrastructure and amenity function together as a whole.

As the AHP progresses, the density of the neighbourhoods where development is occurring will grow. More density in our cities is required to support our housing needs, but it’s positive too. More people brings more vibrant neighbourhoods, more hospitality and more retail.

Keen to know more? The Mangere Development Information Centre is set up to answer your questions and help get people excited about the future of homes in Mangere. Find out more on our contact page.