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Who’s building Mangere Development’s new homes?

13 Jan 2021
Mike Greer

Mike Greer Homes is one of many experienced Kiwi builder partners bringing new homes to our community.

Raised in an old, cold house in Greymouth, Mike Greer knows first-hand the value of building high-quality, healthy homes in New Zealand. And for more than 25 years, he has devoted himself to building the kind of houses that Kiwis are proud to call home. Mike Greer Homes, New Zealand’s largest privately owned construction company, is bringing its ability to build affordable, quality houses at scale to the Mangere Development.

The company’s current projects in Mangere include delivering 101 homes over the next two years. They’re a mixture of three-level walk-up apartments, two-level terraces and standalone houses. Close to half (47%) are affordable KiwiBuild homes and all will be built to a 6 Homestar standard, which means they will be easier and cheaper to heat and keep warm and more environmentally friendly than a typical new house built to the Building Code.

Mike says the philosophy of the projects in Mangere was to create “modern, attractive environments that are functional, sustainable and give new homeowners and the community a sense of pride”. “We feel that the Mangere area is going from strength to strength and we are excited to be partnering with Kāinga Ora,” Mike says. “The existing community in Mangere love where they live, and we want only to enhance this.”

Mike Greer Homes recently began sales of homes off the plan in its first project in Mangere, 12 KiwiBuild three-level walk-ups on Bader Drive, which come in one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom options, ranging from $500,000 to $650,000. Standalone and duplex homes have also just become available to buy off the plan for those that do not qualify for KiwiBuild or are ready to buy now. Mike says that building three-level apartments and terraced homes widely across the development allows for efficient use of land without compromising on functionality and quality. “Significant consideration goes into the design of our houses so that they are well-oriented and are made from quality materials that will not require ongoing maintenance. It’s a benefit that’s also passed on to future homeowners.”

To find out more about Mike Greer Homes, visit mikegreerhomes.co.nz